Vaporite VR011 Solo Digit

The Vaporite Solo Digit is a highly demanded hands-free digital vaporizer providing great functionality at a bargain price.

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Over the past few years, the Vaporite brand has proven itself as the best bang for your buck. The quality is similar to expensive high-end vaporizers, so if you are looking for a reliable vaporizer that doesn’t drain your wallet dry, this one is for you.

The Vaporite Solo Digit is one of the most popular box-style table top vaporizers today. It has a temperature control which is easy to operate with the Up/Down buttons right next to the big digital temperature display. When the unit has reached the preset temperature, the control light will turn off, indicating the vaporizer is now ready to use. The housing is made of high gloss wood, giving the Vaporite Solo a classy look and a durable surface.

There is nothing to put together and operation could hardly be any easier than with the Solo Digit – just attach the whip, fill the chamber with your favorite herb, select the desired temparature and you’re all set for whiffing.


1 Air Freshener / Vaporizer Unit
1 Vapor Whip
2 Cleaning Sticks
1 Power Cord
1 Wireless Remote Control
1 Pack of Replacement Screens