Super Stretchy textured sleeves for added pleasure
Bulk Weight: 0.3(oz) / 0.01(kg)
Soft and stretchy ticklers fit mini and micro bullets
Unscented TPE
1.5”x .5”/4 cm x 1 cm

Micro Bullet Sleeves


Comfortable, totally adjustable, rubber coated nipple clamps.
Bulk Weight: 2.4(oz) / 0.07(kg), Totally adjustable, comfortable, non-tarnishing, rubber-coated nipple clamps, Steel (chain) ABS (beads) PVC (tips), 16”/41 cm (chain), 2”/5 cm (length- clamp)

Nipple Clamps - Silver Beaded


Smooth druable balls connected by heavy nylon cord, a new hi-tech standard in pleasure. these beautiful Crystalline.
Bulk Weight: 0.6(oz) / 0.02(kg)
.6”/2 cm (diameter)
Pleasure beads are incredibly smooth and extremely durable with a heavy-duty nylon cord
ABS/nylon cord

Crystalline Beads


10 beads of wonder! sturdy, pliabe, translucent to use retrieval handle. Reach xstasy with the X-10 beads !

X-10 Beads


Bulk Weight: 1.3(oz) / 0.04(kg)
6 super-stretchy erection enhancers in assorted shapes and colors
Senso® (TPR)
.75”/2 cm (diameter)



Sized for the beginner
Bulk Weight: 1.1(oz) / 0.03(kg)
Sized for the beginner
Flexible, slim, graduated pleasure beads with an EZ retrieval ring
Phthalate-free PVC
8.25”x .75”/ 21 cm x 2 cm

First Time Love Beads


This blue penis probe is a 6.5" translucent jelly, double-ended dildo with a subtle tapered tipped probe. The EX Line by Seven Creations is the very best in simply shaped erotic toys for his and her pleasure.

Penis Probe Ex

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